What is it?

A video documenting everything about your brand. The video will consist of b-roll shots, interviews with members from the team and provide a clear and positive vision of your brand.

What is included?

3 hours (including setting up and taking down time) with 2 videographers with 2 cameras, professional audio and lighting equipment. Full edit and grading with one re-edit. Music from the LY Productions library. 2 day turnaround.

Why does it cost this much?

This is a combination of both videos in the bronze tier, so there is b-roll and interviews to be shot. As there are two cameras, there will be more footage shot and therefore more footage to watch and choose from in the edit. There is also a need for more skill in terms of cutting the interviews and b-roll together in a clean and effective way.

add ons

Extra hours: £50ph

Extra camera: £100

Extra music: £50

Extra edit: £50

Same day delivery: £150 (incl final edit)

Extra videos: £15 (up to 2 mins), £30 (up to 5 mins)