What is it?

A video of up a talking head shot in a location and style of your choice with close ups of details of the interviewee. Up to 2 minutes.

What is included?

A videographer with one camera and professional audio and lighting equipment. Full edit and grading with one re-edit. Music from the LY Productions library. 2 day turnaround.

Why does it cost that much?

This is a simple video, that requires only one camera and is quick to edit and grade. The total time estimated to produce this video is 1 day.

Add ons


Extra hours: £50ph

Extra camera: £100

Extra edit: £50

Extra music: £50

Same day delivery: £50 (incl final edit)

Extra videos: £25 (up to 5 mins), £50 (more than 5 mins)


Please note the video example above is only a preview. Full video available on request.