What is it?

A video showing sound bites or recommendations from your clients. A perfect way to show off the performance, quality, and value of your product or service. The video will consist of interviews with your choice of clients with professional audio and lighting.

What is included?

Up to 4 hours (including setting up and taking down time) with a videographer with one camera, professional audio and lighting equipment. Full edit and grading with one re-edit. Music from the LY Productions library. 2 day turnaround.

Why does it cost this much?

Although it may look simple, the editing time is the crucial part as getting the perfect sound bite takes time. The interviews will also take slightly longer, to ensure we get the perfect testimonial for your brand.



Extra hours: £50ph

Extra camera: £100

Extra edit: £50

Extra music: £50

Same day delivery: £150 (incl final edit)

Extra videos: £25 (up to 3 mins), £50 (up to 10 mins)


Please note the example video above is only a preview. Full video available on request.